For Villa Mantra Studio Guests Only
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Welcome yogis, vegans & spiritual warriors to our sacred space @villamantrabali

Last Update: October 2022

Address: Villa Mantra Vegan, Jalan Raya Saggingan, Ubud, Kedewatan, Gianyar, Bali 80571 (For Google Map, Driver, Delivery)
Tim +62 0813-3968-228 (Pre-arrival & emergency only) / Joanne +62 0821-4692-3394 (Post arrival for guests only)

Thank you for staying with us. It’s our pleasure to welcome you to our home!

Villa Mantra is a smoke, alcohol, drama & animal product-free, high-vibe (processed food & plastic water bottles-free) villa with a shared plant-based only kitchen, located 3km north of central Ubud (near the Penestanan)

{ Yoga classes for guests in our shala Monday thru Friday mornings }

When in doubt about the villa or have general questions about your stay at the villa and around Ubud, please READ THESE DOCUMENTS FIRST before you ask or drop us a message.

We reserved the rights to cancel your booking or end your stay without refunds if any villa policy is violated for any reasons.

Table of content

awareness & mindfulness first

We’d love to bring an important aspect of the villa experience to your awareness:

Villa Mantra is a space with a curated vibration that we carefully maintain & hold space for. It’s for like-minded vegans to meet, get together, and/or reflect upon themselves.

We are not on platforms like or Agoda for instant reservations, as we care deeply about the unique energy every person brings into the space.

If you have not experienced Airbnb at its humble beginning – the original intention is for people to experience life with others at their homes – very much like Couchsurfing but with energy exchange (payment), and we want you to make yourself at home!

That’s what Willa Mantra is: A co-loving space that supports you to introspect, to experience our way of living that will initiate you into a lighter vibration

Villa Mantra is NOT a hotel or Bed & Breakfast, and we don’t have 24/7 staff on site because it’s a private home


About Drama Free: 

We care about the comfort of our guests when staying at the villa, and we deeply understand that when Mama Bali called, some of you may be going through a deep transformation that may activate emotions that may need to be held, Villa Mantra offers a high vibrational space for you to transmute the energy on your own & mindfully come together with others.

Lashing out, personal attacks, and unconscious finger-pointing (blame) is not welcomed.

Mistakes happen. However, at the villa, we highly value accountability, which includes acknowledging our unconsciousness and admitting, and voicing an apology when appropriate & important.

We prefer to make things super clear, so there won’t be further issues.  

If this feels challenging, please WA Joanne & she’ll point you to where you can learn more about this around Ubud where there are many resources.



Here’s your WIFI

Please use our 3 high-speed Wifi Networks:

  • Villa Mantra Upstairs
  • Villa Mantra Pool
  • Villa Mantra Downstairs

All passwords: Plantpower 

Pre-arrival contact

Tim is your point of contact Before Arrival Only (+62 0813-3968-228). Please Send Tim a message on WA the day before you arrive, so he can add you to our group chat. This is where we share info and ask questions.




  1. Use the power of our group community chat, in which you will receive a WhatsApp invitation upon arrival from Tim. Message in the group first and let other villa-mates help you;
  2. Find Ketut our staff first if it’s related to maintenance & cleaning. He’s usually around between MON~FRI from 7:30am~3:30pm; SAT from 9:30am~2pm.
  3. Ask our knowledgeable yoga teacher Lila.
  4. When your questions cannot be solved through the means above or Google, or if you don’t feel comfortable sharing in the group: Message our villa assistant Joanne privately (+62 0821 46923394). She is generally available between 10 am – 4 pm. Weekends will be slower to respond.

Villa matters & emergency

PLEASE NOTE: All villa matters & conversations with Joanne should be requested in advance via WA between 10 am – 4 pm.

Any villa concerns should be addressed to KETUT FIRST or Joanne via WA before you reach out to Tim unless it’s an emergency.

If there’re issues during your stay, please let me know asap, so we can fix it as soon as possible, and you can have the best possible experience. We’re open to know how we can improve. Thank you!!


Arrival, Check-in & Check-out

**Send Tim a WA message your arrival details AT LEAST 24 HOURS & BEFORE YOUR ARRIVAL ONLY**

  • Check-in is between 2 pm – 6 pm
  • Late-night arrivals are available upon request
  • Check-out time: 11 AM

Very Important: Your Passport Copy

In Bali, we have to make a copy of your passport to report to the local police department, Please send a copy to TIM via WhatsApp. 


How we calculate the time frame of your stay

1 Month = 4 Weeks = 28 days.


Important Arrival Notes

  • Sundays my assistant & I are typically out and our staff is off, so you might have to check yourself in.
  • Early luggage drop off is possible from 9:00 AM Rooms are normally ready after 2 pm.
  • IMPORTANT (PASSPORT COPY): In Bali, we have to make a copy of your passport to report to the local police department, Please send a copy to TIM via WhatsApp. 

If we are not here when you arrive

If we are not here when you arrive, your room is unlocked with the key outside.

If you arrive at night, the wooden entrance door is always unlocked, PUTU our designated driver for arrivals after 5 PM will show you to your room.

If you enjoyed your stay please leave us a review on Google Maps!

Tim will try his best to greet you with a hug upon arrival but cannot guarantee it as he’s in & out a lot.

If he’s not here when you arrive, then hopefully our staff Ketut, our yoga teacher, or another guest can show you to your room.

We can meet later for that hug & introduction :).

Until then … 


Make yourself at home

the kitchen, pool, and yoga studio are available from 5 am-9 pm, make yourself at home.

If there is an empty basket in the refrigerator, you can claim it by name tagging it with masking tape on the kitchen counter.


If arriving late in the evening

We’ll try to leave a light on in your room.

Please be mindful of your roller bags and conversation with the driver as the sound travels easily throughout the


MUST DO if arrive after 5 pm Bali Time: Use Our Driver


Please use our DESIGNATED DRIVER PUTU on WA +62 821 4488 3505 for arrivals after 5 PM


Scooter parking after 10 pm (all times)

Please be VERY MINDFUL OF YOUR NOISE as there are 4 rooms that directly receive noise from the parking lot.

PLEASE DO NOT USE THE PARKING LOT AFTER MIDNIGHT AT ALL TIMES (Including leaving the villa). If you arrive home after midnight, turn off your scooter before getting to the villa.

You can park on the gang (small alley to the villa) or push it to our parking.

Please don’t start your scooter in our parking after midnight. Push the scooter outside the parking lot before starting.

Be mindful – No conversations in the parking area after 10 pm, please.

How to get to the villa & Transportation


Please search for VILLA MANTRA VEGAN via Google Maps (Beautiful reviews are welcomed!)

Our Address is. Jl. Raya Sanggingan, Kedewatan, Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80561 (Across from Neka Museum)


Transportation from the airport

You are required to use our designated driver PUTU due to safety reasons for arrivals after 5 PM. His WA is +62 821 4488 3505 for arrivals after 5 PM – He will show you to your room. 

Direction to Villa Mantra if using other drivers (before 5 PM & after 6 AM):

Please message Putu for your pickup, but if you don’t use him,  please give these directions to your driver.

THERE ARE NO SIGNS ANYWHERE WITH OUR NAME. (our little secret vegan hideaway)

  1. We are in-between & across the road from Neka Museum and Uma Resort.
  2. Park in front of the shop with the small wood fence & walk down the small path to the end (maybe 70 meters.)
  3. Our sign at the end says “Private Vegan Villa”.
  4. Enter the wood door & the villa rooms are on your left.

Scooter Rental

A few rental shops are available on our street (Jl. Raya Sanggingan) within walking distance.

Or Call Wayan at +62 817 4721 885 – He will deliver & pick up the scooter upon your departure.


Getting Around Ubud

  • Call Made for Scooter Lessons  +62 812 3676 4474
  • Download Gojek or Grab Apps


Dear Soul Connections,

There is a reason you have chosen to join us at Villa Mantra. I truly believe this. I know many of you have come from mindfulness-challenged environments, and many of you are going through life changes & transitions, I hope we can give you the support you need during your time with us.

Please arrive with an open heart and leave old stories behind. Patterns that don’t serve your highest self should be recognized and put on hold during your stay.

This is a mindful space, much time thought and energy has been put into creating this particular safe space, and any negative, aggressive, or less-than-compassionate words or behaviors are not welcomed. If you need to release, do so on a walk outside our sacred space.

We reserve the right to ask anyone to leave without a refund if rules are broken at any time for any reason. I’m very protective of the energy for the concern of all guests. A 24-hour notice maximum will be given but can be less.

Please remember you are exactly where you are meant to be, experiencing exactly what you need to experience.

I welcome you all with gratitude and love,


100% No Smoke, alcohol, processed foods, plastic water bottles, animal products & drama. Mindful communication only
  • No animal products or alcohol anywhere inside the villa.
  • Sustain from alcohol, animal products & smoking anywhere outside the villa during your stay. If you drink outside or eat animals (including eggs & dairy) please don’t return to the villa for 24 hours.
  • The common areas are closed by 9:30 pm. Please be mindful and start cleaning up after yourself at 9:15. We normally have yogis staying here, including me who like to sleep early and wake before sunrise.
  • The Kitchen: Please give the kitchen a rest at 9:00 pm and lights off at 9:30 pm.
  • Music, skyping, online sessions, and other noises: should be at a respectful level inside your room after
    9:30 pm.
  • Special note for UPSTAIRS ROOMS #5 & #6: We ask the guests who stay in these rooms to be especially mindful as they have open ceilings.
Cleaning – This is a communal home. Not a hotel.
  • Please respect this sacred space & clean up after yourself. Our staff, Ketut is here to assist, but he is not a servant. He’s available to lightly clean your room 2-3 days a week & we change sheets and towels once a week.
  • We each clean the kitchen immediately after use, it’s open-air which means we have to be extremely clean to prevent critters and bugs from moving in. Use it as much as you like but please mind IMMEDIATELY AFTER USING shared pots, pans, dishes, glasses, countertops, and the floor BEFORE sitting down to eat. We want you to take as much care of the kitchen as you do in choosing the foods you consume.
  • We are not a hotel. This is a community villa where everyone participates to make the whole better.
  • Entitlement is not welcomed. I’m sorry I had to say this but some past “very spiritual” guests didn’t understand this important concept. Thank you!



Bedsheets, towels, kitchenware, diningware … etc. 

  • Inform Ketut or Joanne, and we can figure out the price needed to replace them.
  • Ketut will make an assessment whether it can be fixed or need a replacement, so please don’t try to fix it yourself for your own safety and for the next guest.
  • If it’s your responsibility, you are accountable for the repair or replacement fee.

Overnight Visitors

Villa Mantra is a private space. Any overnight visitors must be requested in advance and announced to our group chat (extra charges apply)


vegan restaurants

Bali Vegan Book

Enjoy Bali Best Vegan Restaurants + Recipes in Tim’s Bali Vegan Book

B=Breakfast / L=Lunch / D= Dinner

* stars

Vegan options close by the villa

  • ZEST (BLD): Cool vibe, a tea house, comfortable seating, and pretty good vegan food. ***
  • PRIMA (L): My go-to lunch spot and the only local warung that I’ll eat at. Made with love & inexpensive but quality ingredients. ***** 30 min walk.
  • Alchemy (BLD): Mostly raw. Salad bar, juices, chocolates, desserts**** 30 min walk
  • TYGR Sushi (LD): Has about 8 Vegan Sushi, jackfruit katsu curry + The best vegan ice cream (Mad Pops) in town *** 20 min walk
  • The Elephant (BLD): View, ambiance & food. Good Pad Thai. 10 min walk
  • Wayan’s Juice Bar (B): Morning shots and the best-pressed juices in Ubud. **** 30 min walk
  • Yellow Flower Cafe (BLD): Jungle view, quaint and charming ***** 25 min walk
  • Bella by Sage (BLD) *** Vegan Italian – Cauliflower Buffalo Wings, Breakfast Burrito, Mushroom Risotto … etc. 20 min walking
  • Dharma Coffee (BLD): ** Vegan croissant, vegan salmon bagel, fresh cold-pressed juices, good coffee. 13 min walking
  • Mumbai Station (LD): Indian. Most convenient. Good vegan desserts. 10 min walking

Where to eat – A little further away

  • Sayuri’s Healing Food (BLD): THE #1 raw/cooked vegan restaurant in Asia! Hang out, work online, take cooking classes, watch a movie, cacao ceremonies, kirtans, yoga, and much much more (don’t miss this one). ***** (Jl. Sukma)
  • Moksa (LD): Raw &cooked. Fresh ingredients from the surrounding permaculture gardens. Saturday farmer’s market ***** (Penestanan)
  • Sage (BLD): Mexican-inspired vegan – Warm ambiance & great food! ****(Nyu Kuning)
  • Clear Cafe (LD): Great interior design and good food. **** town center (Jl. Hanoman)
  • Paradiso (LD): “Worlds First Organic Vegan Cafe & Movie Theater” movies, dance & events. (Town center)
  •  Titi Batu Recreational Club (BLD): Great pool, cabanas, gym, skateboard park, basketball court, cold plunge, sauna & a 5-page vegan menu (MAS).
  • KAFE (BLD): Town Center (Jl. Hanoman)
  • Dayu’s Warung (LD): Local atmosphere. Good food, good prices. **** just past the town center (Sugriwa, the street between Hanoman and Bali Buda)
  • Seniman Coffee: Nice coffee, great presentations **** town center (Jl. Sriwedari)
  • Usada (LD): *** Cozy comfortable vibe, ayurvedic menu (Jl. Sugriwa)
  • Seeds of Life (BLD): Fully raw vegan *** (Town Center)
  • Chai The Tiger (LD): Southern Indian Street Food. Great Chai Latte ** (Jl. Sukma)
  • Pizza Cult (LD): Fully vegan handmade pizza
  • Ubud Raw Chocolate: Ceremonial Cacao, chocolates & drinks. (Sayan & Town Center)
  • Casa Curandera Bali (LD): Columbian-Italian, jungle view, river access, permaculture garden (Penastanan – Scooter+foot access only)
  • Pyramids of Chi Cafe by Malaika: Some of the best gluten-free vegan cheesecake you’ll ever have. (Tegallang)

Organic Health food shops

  • Sayuri Healing Food: Nice selections of house-made superfoods ***** (Jl. Sukma).
  • Bali Buda: Vegan desserts, baked goods, kombucha, zero waste, organic fresh produce … etc. **** (Jl. Raya 300m past Jl. Hanoman)
  • Green Habit: Boutique store for your nuts & seeds need. (just down the road after Bintang.)
  • Club Sehat: before Bintang in the white building on left.
  • Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Stands: Roadside in Penestanen close to Prima
  • Fruit Shop Ibu Abi: Local fresh produce (Penastanan)
  • Moksa’s Saturday Farmers’ Market


Our neighborhood yoga

  • Villa Mantra’s Yoga Shala: For your personal practice; or Monday – Friday morning at the villa with our on-site yoga teacher.
  • Intuitive Flow: On the way to Yellow Flower Cafe. 20 min walking.
  • Alchemy’s Yoga Center: Brand new yoga center with kirtan, 20 min walking.
  • Yoga House: Just before the town on the small path on left.

Yoga: A little further away

  • Ubud Yoga Center: Early morning classes (Nyu Kuning)
  • Sayuri Healing Food: Few times a week (Jl. Sukma)
  • Yoga Barn: Has everything yoga, healing & more. Great for beginners (Raya Pengosekan at the end of Hanoman)
  • Radiantly Alive: More advanced classes, breathwork.. etc. (Jembawan next to post office)


recommended value spas around town:

  • Tjampuhan Resort & Spa (river view): ****Sauna, steam room, hot & cold pools, pool (Half day Rp. 145,000) 13 min walking (Jl. Sanggingan)
  • SKIN: Massages, herbal facials, hair care, natural waxing, and more (Jl. Sanggingan, 2 min walk north & Jl. Goutama)
  • FRESH! Spa: Higher End Pricing with a wide selection of services. Great customer service (Town Center).
  • Bodyworks Spa: for a strong therapeutic massage (Town Center)
  • Cantika Zest (jungle view) Spa: **** (Balinese Massage Rp.170.000 + tax 1hr) (Singakerta)
  • Clear Spa: Lomi Lomi Massage, Royal Energy Massage (Rp. 150,000 + tax) (Jl. Hanoman)
  • Star Child 2: Thai Massage, Balinese Massage. Fruits & ginger tea are served after (Penasatanan next to Prima).
  • Nusa Therapy**: Traditional Balinese Massage, Back & Shoulder Massage. Great house-made Jamu served after massage (Jl. Raya Ubud)
  • MAPUUN****: Best intuitive lymphatic Drainage Massage with a local energy worker & yoga teacher Shiva. Rp. 250,000 ~ 550,000 for 90 min+ (Monkey Forest Road)

Yoga: A little further away

  • Ubud Yoga Center: Early morning classes (Nyu Kuning)
  • Sayuri Healing Food: Few times a week (Jl. Sukma)
  • Yoga Barn: Has everything yoga, healing & more. Great for beginners (Raya Pengosekan at the end of Hanoman)
  • Radiantly Alive: More advanced classes, breathwork.. etc. (Jembawan next to post office)

Other things to do

  • Campuhan Ridge Walk (Free):  Beautiful for early mornings or late afternoons Just across the bridge. 20 min a walk to get there + 40 minutes more to the restaurant serving fresh coconuts.
  • Tegallalang Rice Terrace & surrounding area (Kliki): Amazing local attraction and scenery. 25 min scooter ride.
  • Pura Sebatu: Natural sacred waterfall & temple pass Tegallalang Rice Terrace. 35 min (10k entry fee).
  • Tukad Cepung Waterfall: 1.5 hr northeast of Ubud
  • Ubud Market: Daily from 5 am-3 pm – Fresh produce, arts & crafts, batik … etc. Town center (Jl. Raya Ubud)
  • Sayuri’s Kirtan, Yoga, Live Music & Free Language & Chef Traning Classes:
  • Full Moon fire ceremony at Five Elements Resort: On the night before the full moon.
  • Paradiso: Movie theater with food credit, ecstatic dances, movie screenings & other events.
  • Akasha: Aesthetically Ecstatic venue that hosts festivals, events, and dance (Tegallalang)
  • Pyramids of Chi: Gong & Sound Healing inside Pyramid. 25 min drive (Tegallalang)
  • Yoga Barn Ecstatic Dance: Friday evening & Sunday at 11 am. Ticket registration is required.
  • Usada: Cultural Events, meditation, yoga … etc.
  • Ubud Events Facebook Page: Supermoon parties,  ecstatic dances, sound journey … etc.

There are tons more happening all the time in Ubud. Join our WA group to stay informed.


PARQ Float

PARQ has great float tanks and top-notch amenities. (Previously Ubud Float Garden) We have discounted floats available until Dec 2022. ASK US TO PURCHASE.


Island Getaways


Snorkeling, diving, no cars & scooters. Bicycles and walking only. Enjoy the little island life.

  • Message Made for boat tickets WA +62 877 0145 0700 (Rp. 400K round trip from Padang Bai.)
  • Boats leave at 9:00 & 1:00 from Padang Bai
  • Takes 1hr + 15 minutes to scooter to Padang Bai.
  • Vegan options & Favorites: Musa, Flowers&Fire Pachamama, Captain Coconuts, Kenza, Juju Zero Waste
Nusa Lembongan & Nusa Penida
  • Take 50 min drive to Sanur then 30 min fast boat from Sanur to Lembongan & 10 min boat ride from Lembongan to Penida (50k), leaving when the boat is full.
  • The boat schedule & ticket price varies depending on the company (shouldn’t be more than 350k)
  • Vegan options & Favorites:
    • Lembongan: Pisang Pisang, Tiger Lilly, Ginger & Jamu, Suka Nusa Waring, Indiana Kenanga, Thai Pantry (view), Island Fresh (Produce)
    • Massage: SU B Reflexology (WA +62 812-3675-7214) / Tonic Spa (Surfer Massage) +62 812-3823-6650
    • Penida: The Chill (Best vegan desserts in Bali!), Penida Collada, Vegan Soul Kitchen.
  • Boat company contacts:
    • D’Camel Fast Ferry WA: +62 813-3951-5837
    • Arthamas WA: +62 812-3921-1639

Other services

Random essential needs

  • AGUS PRINT (Close to Bintang): +62 877-6038-3999 – You can WA them your documents and pick them up at the shop. 10 min walk.
  • Fast Tailoring Service  (Fashion Factory): Pass Bintang on the right, next to the Sleeping Culture bedding store), 10 min walk.
  • Bali Top Optical (Next to Bintang)
  • Electronics & Cables (Next to Bintang)
  • Local SIM CARD purchase & top-up issues (Telkomsel): Jl. Raya Ubud


Fresh cold-pressed Juices, fruits & Alkaline Water

Please directly WA them for the most up-to-date pricing and menu

  • Coconut Kitchen (Ayu): +62 812-4689-357 $
  • AA Juicery & Cafe: +62 0361-4792-270
  • Wayan’s Coconut Juice Bar: +62 878-6113-5698 $$
  • Alchemy: +62 821-4690-8910 $$$
  • Kangen (alkaline) Water (Agus): +62 812-3910-713 – 100k per gallon (50k container deposit).
  • Coconut & Fruits (Ni): +62 821-4507-7839
  • Cocotung Bali (Coconuts Ubud): +62 897-0415-758 – 10k per coconut with a minimum order of 5. Top cut. (Mon – Fri till 3 pm)
Quality, affordable nuts, grains, seeds & vegan cheeses
  • Sattvia Nutseed $ (Kadek): +62 818-0534-0888  
  • Treenutz Cheezary $$: +62 821-4559-0321 – One of the highest quality vegan Gorgonzola, vegan butter, vegan smoked cheddar, camembert, and more. 
  • Bali Grazing Boards $$$: +62 811-3820-4180 – Vegan Cheese Board
  • Tio Kim (Acupuncturist): +62 878-6239-8220 – 250k per 2-hour session (Must pre-book directly with him.)
  • Sage: +62 813-3906-4031 (25k delivery fee – fast delivery from Nyu Kuning)
  • Bella By Sage: +62 821-4733-0035
  • Mumbai Station (Pick-up only): +62 812-3632-5617

Sukime vegan skincare

Villa guests receive a 15% discount on Sukime products

Eco-Friendly, Vegan Skincare and Bali Vegan Guide/Cookbook (This website)