Sacred Scalp & Hair Tincture

Sacred Scalp & Hair Tincture

Made with just a few wild-grown ingredients, The Sacred Tincture moisturizes and replenishes your hair with moisturizing, toxin-free ingredients from Mother Earth like cold-pressed Moringa Oil & Grapeseed Oil but zero fragrance or limonene.

No humans & animals are hurt in the making process.

Repair and nourish dry, brittle hair, split ends, and support hair growth with an abundance of vitamins and minerals including:

  • Vitamin A, B, C, E
  • Iron &  Zinc
  • Amino Acids
  • Omega 3




Repair and nourish your dry & brittle hair, split-ends and promote hair growth with eco-friendly, cruelty & toxin-free Sacred Hair & Scalp Serum.

Sukime’s Sacred Scalp & Hair Serum is made for those who want to feel as luxurious as they do healthy and hydrated. The restorative oil combines nutrient-rich minerals, vitamins, and oils for your hair that glows. It’s vegan, so you can be sure that no plants, animals, or people were harmed in the making.

This Sacred Hair & Scalp Serum uses a generous amount of Moringa Seed Oil, which is known to have tremendous benefits for hair growth due to its high contents of vitamin A & B.


The Sacred Scalp & Hair Serum Consists Vitamin A, B C&E, Iron, Zinc, Essential Amino Acids, Proteins as well as Omega 3 to Promote Hair Growth & Reduce Hair Loss

Combining top plant sources, the sacred scalp & hair serum consists of iron makes it a suitable herb for natural hair growth, as well as vitamin A, which is vital to develop healthy cells and tissues in our bodies.

Moringa helps to moisturize your hair and scalp to keep off dandruff, as well as stimulates the production of sebum from the sebaceous glands while the zinc helps with protecting the hair from drying, clogging, and help the recovering process.

Vitamin B in Moringa oil aids your red blood cells creation to pump oxygen & nutrients into the scalp and the hair follicles. That along with Iron helps increase blood circulation in the scalp and allows the hair follicles to grow strong and healthy.

The Amino Acids, C & E help to protect the hair from sun damage and other harmful radiations improve the texture and strengthen the hair. They also aid in fighting against damaging free radicals that could cause hair to weaken and even turn grey.

Your hair is also majorly made of Protein Keratin. Getting a healthy dose of protein from your daily diet is very essential in ensuring that your hair grows.

Finally, Omega 3 helps thicken hair strands by enriching them with healthy fats, reducing inflammation of the scalp, and nourishing hair follicles, encouraging hair growth and overall hair health. It also contributes positively to your hair’s natural sheen, leaving your hair with a beautiful shine.

Additional information

Weight,115 kg


90% Cold Pressed Moringa Seed Oil, Grapeseed Oil, & Our unique 6 Essential Oil Blend sourced in Indonesia.

Our Oils are Wild Grown, hand-picked, and hand-made, cold-pressed oils in Indonesia.

We don’t use any potentially toxic chemicals. All our ingredients are rated as safe by the independent cosmetic database

For ingredient benefits information click here.

How To Use

  1. Place 4-5 drops Of hair oil on your palm.
  2. Apply to the scalp, roots & tips of the hair.
  3. Leave it on for a Minimum of 30 Minutes or longer.
  4. Wash & Rinse With Sukime Shampoo Bars.
  5. Use once or twice a week or as often as necessary.


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