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Sukime translates to Love Myself and We believe it’s the first step in our ultimate love story (self-love first).

Sukime creates skin & body care products derived from Mother Earth that help you to look & feel your best without causing harm to anyone or anything.

We intentionally select our ingredients to avoid chemicals that are questionable for your health. We follow ancient cultures like the Egyptians who believed botanicals are our best medicine inside and out.

Focusing on Eco-Friendly, crueLty-free, botanical-based products & packaging while helping others In our Community.

Sukime is created and inspired by the Balinese culture of using locally grown, hand-harvested superfoods and we believe in the importance of giving back.

We support Bali’s local children that are in need, specifically the ones living in local orphanages as well as the “street” kids. 

Yes, there are many orphanages with many children, and the living conditions are far from ideal – Leaky roofs, broken doors, poor ventilation, and moldy walls are just a few of the issues that need to be attended to every month.

With this intention, We pledged to donate 10% that's generated from this website.

Okay, but 10% of what?

Most business-minded people feel it’s safer & better to give 10% of profit as it’s a lot less risky. From a business mindset and a common-sense standpoint, they’re correct without a doubt.

Yes, it would be more prudent to give part of what’s left-over AFTER paying our operating costs than to give part of every dollar of revenue before the cost of goods, rent, salaries, commissions marketing, advertising, and all the other expenses. 

But nothing risked is nothing gained so we will donate 10% of ALL THE REVENUE GENERATED FROM THIS WEBSITE.

Sukime shares 10% of revenue (NOT PROFIT) to help repair Local orphanages & Donates to the Bali Street Kids Project (YKPA.org)

Like what we do with our products, we want to be as transparent with you as possible, and I feel my friends, family and possibly you, too, will appreciate these bolder goals with the potential to make greater changes and to better the lives of those in need.


If we want change, and we want things to be better, we can’t expect it to originate from others. We must look inward and be the ones taking action.

Putu is an amazing Balinese woman Doing great things and we also want to help her mission.

Putu runs the Bali Street Kid Project – Take a look at the video below to learn more about YKPA Bali!

Follow us to keep up to date with our charitable efforts while getting the best quality skincare & helping others at the same time!


Tim Tango

Tim Tango

Founder of Sukime Bali