//artisan made with love
// animal loving & eco-friendly
//high-vibe self-care


Vegan Living


Vegan Living

Glow your soul with 100% vegan superfood ingredients.

//artisan made with love
// animal loving & eco-friendly
//high-vibe self-care

The body is a sacred garment. It's your first and last garment; it is what you enter life in and what you depart life with, and it should be treated with honor.

Martha Graham

expand your love with sustainable, low-waste gifts

handmade with love

Carefully formulated in small-batches with intentions to connect you deeper with Nature & your authentic self.

pure vegan ingredients

Selected High quality essential oils. FREE of parabens, aluminum, artificial fillers & synthetic fragrance.

Conscious circulation

We believe in Gift Economy. We give 10% of our online net revenue to Bali Children in need as gratitudes to what Mother Bali has provided us.

local delivery & Global shipping

3-5 days free shipping in Bali & POS on all orders in Indonesia. Global shipping available in selected countries.

potent formulas for the original you

The sacred series

Traditional remedies meet modern recipes

astonishing results through simplicity

The essential series

sustainability + effectivity

Wellness Test Strips 1 Month Supply
Day Moisturizer SPF15
Calming Oil – Stay Zen
Deodorant – Peppermint
Magnesium Oil
Mosquito Repellent Plus +
Multipurpose Tooth & Gum Oil

SUKI・ME (v. adj.)
Love Myself

who is sukime?

we bringing earth to skin through quality > quantity

A boutique vegan skincare line that respects craftsmanship, mother nature, and human body’s highest intelligence.

“Suki” (好きです / すきです) means “like” or “love” in Japanese. 

The birth of Sukime came from our intention to extend love from Source Energy, so we can provide more self-love awareness for our customers. 

Loving (SUKI) ourselves (ME) is TO GIVE Our Bodies what They Truly Deserves. 

as a reminder that QUALITY IS ALWAYS FIRST, we adopted “Suki” as we admire Japanese people’s focus and passion to their crafts, which are what brought the mastery of their vocations.

As one of the pioneers in the whole organic movement, it was challenging to find vegan skincare products that meet our standards: Products that are FREE of cruelty & chemicals that can cause long term chronic harm.

Therefore, We aim to supply All Natural, Toxin-Free & Animal-Free Skin & Body Care Creations that support YOU to connect deeper that will help you to glow from within.

We desire for our customers to uncover their natural beauties with SAFE, HERBAL INGREDIENTS without having to worry or wasting money on purchases that are potentially ineffective.

Our team members are discerning foodies, serial entrepreneurs & vegan yogis who lead their actions from the love in their hearts.

Sukime evolves organically from our plant-based lifestyle over the past 15 years. We create & make products from wild-grown superfood ingredients. 

90% of our ingredients are locally sourced in Indonesia.

Based in Bali, the Balinese culture has played an important role in birthing this mindful self-care project. The smiles of the locals serve as a constant reminder to live in harmony with Mother Earth and with spirit, as well as with one another. 

Every product is hand-made in small batches with the intention to help you tune in on the physical and spiritual levels, allowing organic healing, transformation process to naturally unfold.

from #earthtoSkin

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Holistic Beauty tips from The Island of Gods in mindful Love

children, animal & ocean friendly.

Return to your innocence & clarity through gifts of mother earth

your hair is an extension of your inner strength

signature shampoo bars, hair & beard tincture

support, detox & transform the wellness of your hair & scalp.

Produce All-Natural, Plastic-Free Solution, Salon Quality Results

available for resorts, spas & retailers

Our products are used at world-renown resorts & popular spas

offer your customers an unforgettable cosmic experience